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Does Your Child Qualify for Extended School Year Services?

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

by Theresa Kraft, Esq.

When developing an IEP for a student with disabilities, the IEP team must consider whether the student’s special education needs can be met during the traditional school year.  If the child requires an extended day or an extended year in order to receive a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), then the school district is required to provide the student with programming.  Generally, this is referred to as Extended School Year Services (ESY).

ESY can take any form that will ensure FAPE and should not be dependent upon the school district’s schedule, services, availability of personnel, etc. – in other words ESY, like the IEP, should be based on the child’s individual needs and not the convenience of the school district.

The IEPs used by many NH school district’s include a section to consider ESY, but it is not uncommon for that section to contain language indicating that the decision regarding the need for ESY will be determined by a specific date.  April seems to be the month to discuss ESY.  Regardless of whether the discussion is taking place when the IEP is first developed or at a later date, the discussion is part of the IEP process and therefore must take place within a team meeting.  At the IEP meeting that discusses ESY, the team should consider the student’s needs for ESY, including degrees of progress, emerging skills, regression over breaks, length of time to recoup skills lost over breaks, the nature or severity of the disability, interfering behaviors, as well as any other factors the team determines appropriate in consideration of whether FAPE will be provided.

ESY is not a one size fits all program.  ESY is not reserved for only specific categories of students with disabilities.  ESY is not an enrichment program.  ESY is not determined by administration based on NECAP, NWEA, DRA, or any other acronym’s scores.  ESY does not have to take place in a school setting.  As with all IEP discussions, ESY discussions should be based on the student’s needs and a focus on how those needs will be met.

When preparing for the IEP team meeting to discuss ESY, consider:

  1. The student’s progress during the traditional school year
  2. The type of programming the student receives and best practices for that type of programming
  3. The need for consistency in schedule
  4. The ability to focus more intensely on skills to foster emerging skills
  5. The need for social interaction in a structured and supported setting

For more information regarding a ESY, see NH DOE Memo 44.

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Progress reports are out soon what must we do?

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Progress reports are due and students find out just how well they are doing and not doing. How well the school is providing the service that was outlined in the IEP’s, 504 plans. Do our Teachers get it when it comes to special education or IEP’s, 504 plans? What must we do to help the students become more successful, building confidence, self esteem and motivation? Success That is all we are asking.

If the student is not doing well, call for a meeting.

1. Don’t delay!

2. Ask that the teacher to be present at the meeting.

3. Ask what is needed, and what help should be giving to that student.

4. Communicate with the student on what he/she would like to see happen. If they don’t know lets give cues!

Search what works for him/her.

1. Don’t assume anything when it comes to our students on an IEP’s, 504′ plans

2. Don’t assume that they are not doing their work, or they don’t want to do it. Find out why?

There is a reason behind it all. Ask them, do they understand what is being asked of them. Identify  the problems, work as a team to help the student problem solve.

TEAM is the Key word and we need to work together. Amend the IEP’s as needed, it is a working document and can be changed at any time. Not eatched in stone, Fluent ongoing document.