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Good Job, Dot

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


You’ve climbed Mount Everest in your shorts.

Good job.

That’s a line from an episode of Law & Order. District attorney Adam Schiff said it in praise of one of the assistant district attorneys after winning a tough case.

And, I think that line fits the job Dot French has done with Education-A-Must and her personal advocacy to improve the lives and education of children with disabilities.

I first ran across Education-A-Must while searching the Internet many years ago. Several years after that I met Dot at a COPAA conference. We’ve been great friends and colleagues ever since.

The guy standing next to Dot in front of the White House is George, Dot’s husband, cheer leader, and source of inspiration.

I used the line from Law & Order because in spite of many difficulties, Dot put together and grew one of the premier advocacy organizations in the country. I don’t make that claim lightly.

Her invitation to the White House for the 20th anniversary of the American’s With Disabilities Act is testimony to her work in this field.

Thank you Dot, and thank you George — good job.